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Fire Ant Control in the DFW

Nothing ruins a day of fun in the yard like finding a fire ant hill with your flip-flop covered foot or worse yet, a bare foot. If you’ve been bitten by a fire ant before, you’ll recognize that burning fire feeling before you have a chance to knock the offending ant away. Eliminate those painful, itchy fire ant bites, and their unsightly nests from your property. At Mosquito Squad of Fort Worth, we want you and your family to enjoy carefree outdoor living in your backyard without the threat of painful fire ant bites. That is why we offer a once a year fire ant control product.

Say Goodbye to the Burn of Fire Ant Bites

fire ant control in the DFW

Mosquito Squad’s Fire Ant Control is applied just like our proven Barrier Treatment, but treats the soil on your property to eliminate the ants where they live The once yearly treatment will eliminate fire ants on contact and continue to be effective for a full 12 months . It can be applied anytime of the year for the same great results. Contact us today at 817.770.0770 to protect your family, pets and gorgeous landscape from this invasive backyard threat.


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